ionEngine is under development. Interface and Features are candidate for change at any time.

The current product backlog with milestone information can be found on Trello:

Product Backlog

You can also check for open issues/bugs in the Github issue tracker:

Tasks & Issues

Release 1.0

Incomplete but planned features:

  • Deferred shading lighting system integrated more tightly with the current render pipeline
  • Integrate existing ray-tracer code to seemlessly run with existing scenes
  • Post-processing interface for easily adding new effects
  • Built-in mesh editor that with custom format
  • Volumetric shadows
  • Cascaded shadowmaps
  • Bokeh filter for depth-of-field
  • MVSS
  • PCSS
  • HBAO
  • Improved multi-window support
  • Improved event system
  • Improved state transition and context system

Feature under consideration:

Of course, check the product backlog as well.